A Bit About Me

As the title would suggest I’m a Mum Of Two Without A Clue to Grace, who is 4, and Lottie who is currently 8 months. I’m one of many mums trying to work it out as we go along trying to keep our kids, firstly, alive and secondly, happy whilst juggling everything else we have going on.

I regularly f*ck things up either by accident or by my own doing. This blog acts as an outlet for my f*ck ups, big and small, as well as a way for me to make sense of it.

Welcome to the blog and to a window into my madhouse. Please share your experiences of your own madhouses so I don’t feel quite so alone in my mayhem! 


For a more detailed introduction see The Journey Begins but for now I give you a picture of my two beautiful girls, my everything, my loves and the cause of my wrinkles.

Thanks for joining me!