The Journey Begins

As the title would suggest I’m a Mum Of Two Without A Clue to Grace, who is 4, and Lottie who is currently 8 months. Me and my husband have been together nearly 9 years and even we’re still working each other out as partners and as adults so God help us as parents! I swear sometimes my girls are half kid half energy drink but all of what I do is for them … even a glass of wine on a Friday!

I’m one of many mums trying to work it out as we go along trying to keep our kids, firstly, alive and secondly, happy. I have absolutely found that this can be sometimes be so all consuming that I forget about myself and my husband but there’s always been time to fix that so I consider myself blessed.

I regularly f*ck things up either by accident or by my own doing and this blog will act as an outlet for my f*ck ups, big and small, as well as a way for me to make sense of it. I also hope it’s a way for other mums to see and understand that being a ‘Pajama Mama’ or a polished mama or anywhere in between is ok and the reality of parenting is far from the projected image put out there.

Now I’m coming to terms with that (slowly) I feel like I’m making progress towards … something. God knows what but progress towards something. Do you ever feel like that? Like you’re doing all these things, activities, jobs, phone calls, in order to achieve something that you haven’t really managed to define yet? I suppose I want to say that IT IS OK TO FEEL LIKE THIS. And then to take my own advice.

So to that end maybe I’m working towards telling everyone and everything to F*CK IT and I’ll do it my way in my own time.

On potentially the only insightful note you’ll find on this site … welcome to the blog and to a window into my madhouse. Please share your experiences of your own madhouses so I don’t feel quite so alone in my mayhem! 

Thanks for joining me!

It’s always wine o’clock somewhere in the universe!


One thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. In my experience observing all you young mums… you all seem to have far higher expectations of yourselves as mothers. You have the added pressure of social media telling you constantly how to be a perfect mother and wife, you should all pat yourselves on the back and embrace your wins and ignore your fails. You’re all amazing!


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